AC Repair Service in Noida Extension

AC Service in the Noida Extension

Service Boost – Windows AC and Split AC repairing service provider of solutions for air conditioning and split heating. We are the leading company for all your air conditioning needs. If you need repairs, maintenance, or installation of a new system, the experienced “Service Boost” technicians are the qualified and professional staff for the job.

We provide the best quality AC repair in Noida and Noida Extension areas, such as Noida Sector1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 18, 16, 120, 126, 125, Noida Extension and Noida City Center. Our goal is to provide total satisfaction and inform our customers. Informed decisions will be useful for making the right decisions. We are qualified to perform the service for which you are hiring.
Repair the air conditioning according to these criteria

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The four main components to be repaired in the air conditioner. These are:

Condenser: an external metal unit in which the compressor gas is condensed in liquid form. The gas that enters the condenser is very hot. The temperature is lowered to allow the gas to convert back to liquid.

Compressor: This is also the main part of the compressor that is inside the condenser. Basically, it circulates the refrigerant under pressure and concentrates the heat, while modifying the gas at low pressure at high pressure.

Evaporator: The evaporator is the part of the system that is inside the house. If we speak in simple language, it absorbs the warmth of your home.

Regulator: controls the amount of refrigerant in the system.

These are all connected by a copper tube that manages the refrigerant and creates a closed-loop. The heat is controlled by the evaporator and sent to the outside of the condenser. The heat is removed and fresh air is returned everywhere.

Our Call\WhatsApp No. +91 87 0034 9289

Windows and Split AC Repair Noida Extension

We are proud to offer a complete air conditioning service, from installation to repair or replacement, from the following:

Residential services the same day

  • Air ducts
  • Central air conditioning
  • HVAC systems without ducts
  • Ovens
  • Heat pumps
  • Indoor air quality
  • maintenance

AC business services

  • Rooftop units
  • Packing unit
  • HVAC commercial replacement
  • Commercial HVAC repairs
  • AC maintenance and heating

At Boost service, shop for air conditioning and heating near you at Noida Extension. We provide complete AC Windows and Split AC services necessary to keep the AC in optimal condition. Call us now for repairs, maintenance, or installation of a new system.

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Our Call\WhatsApp No. +91 87 0034 9289

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